Recital given by Tobias Willi

4 August 2019 @ 15:00 – 16:15
Lutherse kerk
Haddingestraat 23
9711 KC Groningen
€ 10,-
Tobias Willi

Stichting Vrienden Lutherse Kerk presents:

Tobias Willi at the organ in the Lutherse Kerk

The Swiss organist supreme Tobias Willi will display all the possible sounds on the recently reconstructed Edskes-Schnitger organ in the Lutherse Kerk.

Tobias Willi is a popular guest for every organ committee: aged 42, he has played almost all the great organs of Europe, delighting his audience every time with his spectacularly virtuoso playing and his talent for contemporary music and improvisation. Many will be looking forward to his performance in the Lutherse Kerk, to hear what this talented organist will do with this organ’s characteristic Schnitger sound. How will he combine its authentically raw intonation and its wealth of overtones? We will hear this afternoon!