Recital given by Wolfgang Zerer

2 August 2019 @ 20:00
Catharinakerk Roden
Brink 8
9301 JL Roden
Wolfgang Zerer

Stichting tot behoud van het Hinsz-orgel te Roden presents:

Wolfgang Zerer on the organ at Roden

The Catharinakerk in Roden houses a Hinsz organ, a jewel of sound which this evening will be played by Wolfgang Zerer from Hamburg.

You would be forgiven for thinking that with ‘Orgelzomer Groningen 2019’ only Groningen has exceptional organs, but nothing could be further from the truth. Groningen’s next-door neighbour, the province of Drenthe, also has beautiful, unique organs, built not only by Schnitger but also by other organ builders, such as Albertus Anthoni Hinsz. Hinsz moved to the countryside around Groningen in 1728 to work in Arp Schnitger’s son’s organ workshop and built an organ in the Catharinakerk in Roden in 1779. Just as many of Hinsz’s later organs, this organ’s sound is more ‘orchestral’ in character, nicely detailed and transparent. Wolfgang Zerer, the baroque specialist well-known for his lively playing, will be putting the organ through its paces this evening.

Free entrance, with a retiring collection.


Johann Sebastian Bach
Praeludium in G-Dur BWV 568

Duetto in G-Dur BWV 80 (aus „Clavier-Übung III. Teil“)

Praeludium in d-MollBWV 877/1

Fuge in d-Moll BWV 853/ (aus „Wohltemperiertes Clavier“)

Duetto in a-Moll BWV 805(aus „Clavier-Übung III. Teil“)

“Valet will ich dir geben” BWV 736

--------------------------- P A U S E ------------------------------

Praeludium in C-Dur BWV 874/1

Fuge in C-Dur (BWV 870/2)(aus „Wohltemperiertes Clavier“)

„Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten“ BWV 647(aus den „Schübler-Chorälen“)

Partite diverse sopra „O Gott du frommer Gott“BWV 767

Fuge in c-Moll (BWV 575)