Schnitger Festival opening concert

16 October 2019 @ 20:00 – 22:00
Martinikerkhof 3
9712 JG Groningen
€ 25,-
Bart Jacobs

Schnitger Festival opening concert

The seventh edition of the Schnitger Festival will be opened in the Martinikerk, with a concert given by Vocaal Ensemble Quink and – on the church’s world-famous organ – the Flemish organist Bart Jacobs.

The best things come to those who wait… today’s opening concert in the Schnitger Festival sees the beginning of the final act of this year’s Orgelzomer celebrations.

The well-known titular organist of the Grenzin organ in the Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula in Brussels, Bart Jacobs has a particular passion for choral music, and that will become abundantly clear in this double concert with Vocaal Ensemble Quink. Quink is famous for its authentic performance of music from different style periods. With a fixed core of four singers, the ensemble travels the world for performances at many international festivals and tours in for example the United States and south-east Asia.

Bart Jacobs
Bart Jacobs (1976) studied organ, harpsichord, chamber music and continuo at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven under Reitze Smits and Kris Verhelst, graduating with high honours. In 2012 he was appointed to the position of titular organist at the Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula in Brussels. Bart Jacobs is the organist for the ensemble Vox Luminis and the baroque orchestra Les Muffatti. He regularly performs as a soloist with this orchestra in a programme including his own reconstructions of J.S.Bach’s concertos for organ and strings, which were released on CD in 2019 under the Raméé label. As a continuo-player he has performed across Europe with many well-known ensembles such as Les Muffatti, Vox Luminis, Currende, Il Gardelino, Ricercar consort, BachPlus, Psallentes, Hathor consort and Collegium Ad Mosam. He has also worked on All of Bach, in which his interpretations of Bach for organ and harpsichord can be both seen and heard.

In the last couple of decades Quink has developed into a unique ensemble of international allure. The group has a fixed core of four professional singers expanded for performances to a maximum of eight, depending on the repertoire. The ensemble can be counted as one of the best a cappella ensembles in the world.

The Martinikerk organ
Building the main organ in the Martinikerk began in around 1480. The humanist Rudolf Agricola was involved as adviser in the first phase of the build. Development of the organ reached its high point in the 18th century after successive expansions by Arp Schnitger, his son Franz Casper Schnitger and Albertus Hinsz. The situation from 1740 was used as the starting point for the restoration work which was completed in 1984. With its 3500 pipes and 53 registers, the Martinikerk organ is one of the biggest northern European Baroque organs. The registers are divided over hoofdwerk, rugwerk, bovenwerk and pedal.